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Welcome to Leadership Architecture Consulting

At Leadership Architecture Consulting we create leaders who add value and who impact your business strategy to create your desired culture, enhance organisational performance and maximise profitability.

We do this by consulting with you to understand your business strategy,  identify your organisational conditioning and assess your current level of leadership capability. This is about understanding your past, your present challenges or burning platform and how you see your organisation moving in to the future.

Once we understand the full picture we then ensure you have the right leadership architecture in place to create the foundation and blueprint for leadership success in your organisation. This ensures leaders have a shared understanding of what leadership means and they get appropriate development to build their leadership capability for long term culture change.

So if you are any of the following…
  • An organisation who have laid the foundation for leadership but now want to build leadership capability, leadership pipeline and future proof your leaders.
  • You are an organisation that that has pockets of command and control style leadership looking to break down dysfunctional and hierarchical behaviours.
  • You are looking for new ways to think about leadership during these times of uncertainty and change that bring survival or reinvention challenges in an ever more competitive and digital environment.
  • You are currently in the process of transforming HR to keep pace with the latest in agile and digital trends, looking to be part of the dawn of the ‘next stage’ organisations whose leaders will shape the future.

Then why not find out more and understand why there is a need for Leadership Architecture in your organisation.


The Leadership Architect

Paul Corke is a Leadership Architect and owner of Leadership Architecture Consulting. Paul has worked in the financial services for 20 + years and now uses his experience and leadership thinking to help organisations create leaders who are resilient and agile to move with the ever demanding change and uncertainty we face in the modern world.

'I help organisations to create a shared understanding of leadership aligned to the business strategy to develop leaders who can shape the future of their business today.'

- Paul Corke

Paul is also an author, leadership thinker and speaker. Paul has published two books The Master: A Journey of Meaning and Purpose and The New Positive Thinking: In Search of a Positive World.

Paul‘s next book "The Mindset Equation: The Secret to Success" is coming soon.


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